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Redesign, Renovate, Relocate: Landing Your Perfect Home Office

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

With remote working here to stay, many of us are looking to build comfortable, convenient office spaces in the home. In this article, Capital Electrical and Solar explores some of the options available to prospective business owners who want to create the ideal environment from which to run their enterprise.


More often than not, it’s possible to adapt an existing space in the home to meet your work requirements. Try to think about communal areas in the home, such as living rooms, dining rooms, or even kitchens, to see if a re-arrangement of furniture could facilitate enough space. If you already have a home office, but it’s not fit for purpose, consider the following before you take any further action:

  • Mirrors: when a space feels too claustrophobic, a mirror or two can quickly give the illusion of more room.

  • Plants: if your workspace looks a bit drab or has become too stuffy, the insertion of some plant life can bring some much-needed color and freshness to the work atmosphere.

  • Headphones: sometimes, the problem with a home office is that you can’t concentrate with so many distractions around you. The antidote for this can be as cheap as a new pair of headphones to cut out noisy kids or neighbors.


After a redesign, the next step is to make a few substantial changes to the structure of your home office and hope these improve its viability.

  • Knock down walls: if your property is appropriately structured, knocking down walls can instantly (and cheaply) free up more room for you to expand your workspace.

  • Build walls: it’s important to separate your personal life from your work life, and constructing walls can create the divide you may need from the rest of the home.

  • Soundproofing: even with walls, sometimes the noise pollution from outside or the rest of the property still finds its way into your work haven - in this case, you may want to consider soundproofing.

  • Window installation: from a home office, we can quickly develop feelings of detachment. Windows bring much-needed light into the workspace and help us to feel more connected to nature and the world beyond your 9-5.

  • Lighting: having the right lighting can make a huge difference, especially if you can’t place your office near a window. Contact Capital Electrical and Mechanical to get great lighting options installed in your new home office.


Sometimes no amount of decorating, renovating, or adaptations can bring a workspace up to suitability, but if home working is essential to your career, you still need a place to work. In this case, it can make sense to relocate entirely. Just be certain to carry out plenty of research into your desired neighborhood and ensure the area can provide all the amenities you require and a hospitable environment that bolsters your company’s prospects. A great place to start is with the local newsletter, where you can review any potential business opportunities or events where you can get involved with the community.

Additional Tips

Choosing to form a limited company in the UK as your business structure can have many advantages. Firstly, it limits your liability and separation of ownership from control and, if you meet specific criteria, any income generated by your company will be taxed at corporation tax rates, which are usually lower than personal tax rates. Setting up a limited company is straightforward: simply register your business name with Companies House (the registrar of companies in the UK) and follow all relevant regulations to operate legally.

To save on office space and ensure better organisation, it’s a good idea to begin digitising your paper records - once they’re scanned, use a free PDF tool to collate, reorder, refine, and store documents more efficiently. The process of combining PDF files is very easy. Just add the files to the drop zone, organise them, and select Merge.

Make the Space You Need

Running a business from home is not always straightforward, but when you have a practical space from which to work, everything else becomes a little more manageable. Start by deciding the best course of action - whether to redesign, renovate or relocate. Then work with professionals to develop the office space you need to be productive.

If you’re looking for electrical or Solar upgrades in your new home or the one you are selling, contact the professionals at Capital Electrical and Solar.

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